Hi, my name is Sarah. I want to change the world, one woman at a time. 


I'm a creative marketing pro, content creator, editor and writer. A featured blogger for Huffington Post Woman, copy editor and writer for a bunch of celeb blogs. I'm a six-year veteran of the woman's plus fashion industry. My life passion is igniting self-love in women of size, encouraging them to live more kind, more confident lives and to help them feel visible and powerful.

I aim to ignite personal growth in women; to help them to #BeGreater versions of themselves. I am quest to become a more healthy, balanced and more badass version of myself! I share this health and weight loss journey online in a very candid and raw ways with my blog Greater At 40. 

On any day of the week you can find me seeking adventure in my worn-in cowboy boots, or breaking PR's (personal records) while strength training at the gym.  I've learned to delight in meal prep, crave personal growth and have even dipped my toes into Kundalini Yoga. You might describe me as being your not-so-typical mix of Dolly Parton + Eleanor Roosevelt + Pam Poovey and Ellen Ripley... minus the Alien. 

Welcome to my online home! This is a hub for all my projects, both personal and work-related. If you are looking for someone to elevate the authentic, narrative of your business marketing or would like to reach women through inspired and social promotions and partnerships... let's connect!


Coaching. Support. Accountability. Motivation. It's time to ignite change!

If you feel like you're riding in the passenger seat of your own life? Let's talk. If  you want to become a more healthy woman, inside and out, but are feeling overwhelmed and scared but you know it's time... let's talk. Radical vulnerability. Removing fear. The comfort of knowing we are not all alone in our most basic desire to love and be loved. I offer both group and one-on-one coaching and support! Let me help you to #BeGreater!

Health, Personal Growth, Weight loss 

On April 18, weighing over 350 lbs, I started a journey to live a happier, healthier, more balanced, vibrant life! My goal? To be in greater health by the time I turn 40 in two years.  I'm breaking old habits and addressing the connection between respect for myself, my body, my food and my money. This is about love! 


I tell stories of life, love and body positivity while sharing my love for plus fashion in the hopes of connecting and inspiring other women to feel good in the skin they are in RIGHT NOW!

Plenty of pics. Plenty of blogs.  Plenty of honesty. 


I have over 13 years experience working in marketing and public relations. I specialize in content, creative marketing, and social media. My help brands create authentic,  narrative communication that connects and motivates women take action. 65% of women wear above a size 14. Is your brand talking to them?