Let’s do something great together!

I’m a storyteller, writer, speaker and event leader, and a Kundalini yoga teacher. I create community both on and offline.

I am on an intensely honest health and wellness journey; I share this in order to show other women to show them they are capable of doing the “hard stuff” in their own lives as well. I “invite them along” my journey.

My biggest passion in life is serving other women. I have a deep desire to make sure others feel hopeful and empowered. I want women of all sizes to feel worthy and capable of creating positive change and living their best life.

I have a need to connect and communicate. To reach through the screen so others know they are seen and valuable as they are.

I can’t “fix” someone’s life, but I can create a safe space for them to show up for themselves and help them learn new tools to get the job done. I aim to make wellness and self-improvement accessible and relatable for bodies that have traditionally been ignored and made to feel invisible.

Brands don't tell stories. People do. 
This is why one of the most power tools in a brands arsenal is working with right partners to help bring their messages to live. 

I tell stories. Honest, inspiring, and always rooted in the desire to create positive change in others. I am a content creator who can act as a full extension of your marketing team.With over 15 years of professional experience, I am able to offer turnkey content solutions that include:

  • Photoshoot and video conceptualization and production,

  • Long-form narrative blogs with SEO strategy,

  • Copywriting,

  • Social media promotions and campaigns, and

  • Graphic design.

How we can partner together. 
There are three things I look for when partnering with a brand. First, is having a commitment and a desire to making a real, positive impact with the customers they serve. Second, is an interest in authentic messaging and communication. Lastly, the ability to have fun. Literally. Fun.

I am always open to partnering with brands that I personally enjoy or feel impacted by. I am selective with partnerships, because I value the trust my audience has in my word - If I share something, it is because i TRULY like it! We can work together for…

  • Product placement and sponsored posts,

  • Join me for a LIVE event or retreat,

  • Social media takeovers,

  • Reviews and giveaways, and

  • Events and travel!

Some of the brands I’ve worked with include:


Consulting Services

I can offer you 360° creative solutions to engage women.

I offer authentic, narrative-centric, content-rich solutions that are digital and social media based. Whether you currently have a marketing team [I can collaborate with them] or you would like to outsource your plus marketing strategy, I’ve got you covered. From idea to execution, start to finish; I have over 16 years of marketing and public relations experience combined we can put to work for you. Over 68% of female customers wear a size 14 or higher; what is your brand doing to engage them?

Services include:

  • Social media strategy and management

  • Creative marketing strategy

  • Content marketing and curation

  • Sales and merchandising campaigns, email marketing

  • Photoshoot production, art direction and graphic design

Additionally, I'm a skilled and seasoned writer able to utilize SEO optimization techniques. 

Join me for a LIVE event!

Is there anything greater than actually having people touch, taste, and experience your brand in PERSON?

What is INFLUENCE? Real influence goes beyond clicks to creating CONNECTION that translates into action. I am the creator of the Body + Love Workshop, a the only truly size-inclusive personal growth event for women in the market.

The workshop is a multi-day experience that includes Kundalini yoga, meditation, personal-growth workshops and keynote talks. It features my journey and teachings, and shares the perspectives of prominent and diverse social influencers like Jes Baker (The Militant Baker) and Kenzia Brenna.

The event launched in Los Angeles in 2017. The event returned for its second year in Las Vegas in 2018; nearly 200 women from across the United States and Canada registered to attend in the spirit of the self-love messages shared based on my own life experience. In 2019, the workshop returns for a third year, this time to Brooklyn! If you’re interested in joining in for this life-changing experience, let’s connect!

In addition to the workshop, I run small-group, immersive retreats that allow attendees to dive deep into their self-love journey.

Sarah’s Body + Love Workshop live from Las Vegas. September, 2018.

Ready to work together? Email me at Sarah@DevelopedNarrative.com to connect!