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    Dear Beautiful Human,


    If you are anything like me, you long for growth and community. A safe place to stretch your soul-legs and rise into your own. A place to be your vulnerable self, knowing that you are supported and valued, just as you are.

    As this year comes to a close, you may be wondering, “What’s next?” Maybe you’ve caught the self-love bug and you are ready to explore further? Or maybe it’s just TIME to start living a life that you love. If you’re ready? We’re ready for you.

    Why not begin 2019 with a weekend of community, intention, and action? One weekend to help you hunker down and commit to your own dreams and desires with authentic soul. One weekend to Launch Your Love!

    Join me for my first ever retreat. An intimate gathering of 10 like-minded women, on location in Myrtle Beach, SC. Full of Kundalini yoga, meditation, intimate discussions, journaling, and activities designed to help you connect to your higher self from a place of love… the very same things I have done in my own journey of self-discovery.

    Laughter. Connection. Introspection. Vulnerability. You will arrive as you… and leave with community.

    I can’t wait to see you!

    With love,
    PS - This is the most intimate event experience I’ll be offering!

    Who is this experience right for?

    If you want to..

    • Deepen your connection to self, and your self-love.

    • Identify and get in touch with what you TRULY desire in life.

    • Create an actionable plan to help you create the life you long for.

    • Learn tools that you can use to hit the ground running.

    • Feel safe in a body-friendly, non-judgmental environment.

    • Connect with others on the journey like you! Make friends and feel a sense of community and belonging.

    Then this retreat is for you.


    You can expect to

    • Connect deeply with yourself.

    • Intimately connect with the small group of attendees also on their journey; make new friends and create memories.

    • Learn directly from Sarah with group conversations.

    • Hang out with Sarah and a group of like-minded women.

    • Participate in enlightening and thought-provoking group discussions.

    • Learn tools with practical, hands-on workshops.

    • Engage with workbook activities and journaling.

    • Experience size-friendly Kundalini yoga and meditation.

      All within a peaceful, beach-side location allowing you to enjoy the sunshine, crisp weather, beach-side walks, and more.


    January 24 - 27th, 2019 I Myrtle Beach, SC

    Things we’ll be doing include:

    • Kundalini yoga

    • Mediation

    • Breathwalk* on the beach

    • Journaling (Optional)

    • Group discussions

    • Q and A with Sarah

    • Thought-inspiring activities


    And, of course, the weekend includes lots of time to connect and socialize with your fellow attendees.


    *Breathwalk is a Kundalini-inspired style of walking that centers, focusses, and energizes us combining breathing and walking. We will go at our own pace; there will be NO pressure or set required distance to walk.


    Day One: Thursday


    Day Two: Friday


    Day Three: Saturday



    Opening Evening.
    Arrive at our private house right on the beach in Myrtle Beach. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, get settled, and enjoy some free time while we wait for the rest of our group to arrive. On Thursday evening we will have a meeting of Introductions and Intention Setting for the weekend. You will have general time to connect, unwind, and get settled.

    Seeing with Clarity
    Who are you? What do you really want to feel in your life? It’s time to tap in and discover You.

    We begin the day with a morning sadhana (which you can do in your PJ’s) and then enjoy a group breakfast, coffee, and tea enjoying the view from the patio, outside, or at the group table. We’ll then dive deep into a morning session of discussions and workshop activities designed to help you see your true self – without fear or judgment - stopping for quick breaks to stretch our legs and grab some snacks before getting back to work!

    Afternoon brings a group lunch and then an optional Breathwalk on the beach; you may also choose to relax on your own during this time. In the afternoon, we’ll begin with a Kundalini class to connect with ourselves and each other, and then dive back into our discussions, group circles, and activities.

    In the evening, unwind watching the Sunset before our group dinner or catch a quick cat-nap. We’ll spend the evening with a thought-provoking, fun activities and group bonding exercises.

    Light the Fire
    It’s great to identify your feelings, but without action we stall in the mud. Today, we’ll focus on practical tools to elevate your life and help you create tangible action every day.

    Like our second day, we will begin with a morning sadhana and then have group breakfast together. After that, we’ll jump into the day’s agenda with lots of discussions and journaling activities to help you gain clarity and come up with a plan for action.

    Have lunch with the group and then decide how to spend a free rest-period. Taking in the fresh air with a walk, doing a size-friendly outdoor workout, or relaxing with quiet time. Then… it’s back to work! (Good work, that is!) The topics of the day will include an honest “Ask Sarah Anything” session – what happens at the retreat STAYS at the retreat!

    Share laughs and connect socially during our group dinner. In the evening, we’ll let our (metathoracic) hair down for a easygoing social evening.

    Heading Home
    Our final morning concludes with a light breakfast and discussion to end the weekend and close the space to prepare for integration back into our daily lives.

    You’ve spent two full days connecting with the beauty that is YOU… now it’s time to return to your regularly scheduled program. But… things will NEVER be the same! We’ll conclude with a special soul ceremony to help us seal the experience and close it with love.



    What’s Included

    Everything you need for the weekend! Your accommodations, classes and workshops, materials, swag, and all meals are included. Meals will be prepared by a professional chef in-house; we are able to accommodate your special dietary needs if expressed in advance. Alcohol is not included and not encouraged during the retreat.


    Rates for the retreat are flat fee and include everything listed above. Private accommodations are $1,400 per person with all workshops and food included. Double occupancy rooms are $1,100 per person with all workshops and food included.

    *Important*: Please note that pricing for the retreat is based on 10 attendees. If we are unable to meet the required number, monies will be refunded by the sign-up cutoff date, January 1st.


    Answers to Questions You May Have…

    How many people will be at the retreat?
    The retreat is open to ten women only.

    When can I arrive?
    You may arrive any time after 3 pm on Thursday. We request that you arrive by 8 pm in order to experience the Opening Experience in its entirety. You may not arrive on Friday.

    When do I leave?
    The retreat will formally conclude on Sunday morning, by 10 am.

    What’s the deal with rooms?
    Great question. As we are in a house (and not a hotel) accommodations are a bit more unique. Rooms are available for share, or alone, in a number of room configurations.

    There are two bedrooms with one king-size bed in them; these may be filled by two people or one single person.
    If two persons are in the room, each person has a retreat cost of $1,100 each.
    If one person is in the room, this person has a cost of $1,400.

    There are two bedrooms with two queen-size beds in them: these must be filled by two people in each room.
    Each person in each room has a retreat cost of $1,100 each.

    There are two rooms with one queen-size bed in them: these may be filled by two people or one single person.
    If two persons are in the room, each person has a retreat cost of $1,100 each.
    If one person is in the room, this person has a cost of $1,400.

    Room 1 – King (Single or Double Occupancy)
    Room 2 – King (Single or Double Occupancy) (Occupied)
    Room 3 – 2 Queens (Double Occupancy) (Occupied)
    Room 4 – 2 Queens (Double Occupancy)
    Room 5 – 1 Queen (Single or Double Occupancy) (Occupied)
    Room 6 – 1 Queen (Single or Double Occupancy) (Occupied)
    Room 7 – King (Occupied)

    I want to share a room but I do not have a roommate.
    Ok! You can probably find a member of the community who is also looking for a roommate.

    What are my payment options?
    You may pay up front, or in multiple-installments maid 30-days apart.

    What do we eat?
    Food. Yummy food. Mindful, tasty, and delicious food that is prepared just for us in the house and on-site! The retreat includes three meals a day, coffee and tea, and a selection of non-alcoholic beverages plus some snacks. If you have special diary needs, please tell us in advance so we can accommodate!

    What should I pack?
    Comfy clothes you can feel free to sit, stretch, and do Kundalini in. It will be cold on the beach! Average temperature during the day is 58 degrees, and in the evening,  it can be in the 30’s. Bring sweatshirts, sweaters, and a jacket. Especially if you plan on sitting on the patio or joining the group for a walk on the beach or outdoor exercise. There is NO need for formal or dressy clothes of any kind. You do not need to bring a yoga mat.

    Will I need a car?
    No. The house is 3.5 miles away from the airport. You will not need to come and go once you arrive. You can easily take a rideshare from the airport to the house. If you do drive, you may park on-site.

     What if I register and cannot attend? / Refund Policy
    We have a no-questions asked, full refund for 10 days after your purchase. After that, refunds are not given. You may transfer your registration to another participant by emailing us.
    Please note that rooms booked after January 1st will not be eligible for a refund of any kind. You may still transfer your registration to another participant.

    What about men?
    We love men, however this retreat is designed for women. In the future we will explore co-ed opportunities!

    Do I have to do everything?
    Of course not. To get the full experience we suggest saying “Yes!” But, as always, it is up to you to make the choices that work best for you. This experience is FOR YOU.

    I have limited mobility; how will this impact my experience?
    There are steps to enter the house and steps from the house to the outside deck. There are steps and a walkway from the house to the beach. There are two bedrooms downstairs – one with a queen-size bed and one with two queen-size beds in it.

    You are not required to walk or exercise or partake in Kundalini yoga. You may participate in EVERYTHING with modifications! Kundalini is chair-friendly. If you decide to walk or join in a group-exercise, this is a space to be FREE and do what is best for you without judgment or shame. You will be supported as you are!

    Can I arrive late or leave early?
    We strongly advise that you do not.

    The House

    This is the house we intend to use for the retreat from the AIRBNB website. If, for some reason, this house is not available by the time we book, a comparable one will be chosen. Please not, we are unable to identify which bedroom is which from the pictures. You will be assigned a bedroom based on the type of occupancy you select at random.

    Ready to secure your spot?

    Space is VERY limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis. Signup will be open until January 1st, or till all spaces are full.


    Click here to secure your double-occupancy room. Remember, you must have a roommate for this option. If you need help finding a roommate, email Sarah for assistance!

    Click here to secure your spot with a single-occupancy room.