Here is what others have said about working with Sarah!


Natacha, 38 I Forth worth, TX

[Before joining the group…] I was stuck in adjusting to some different life circumstances beyond my control. Being vulnerable is scary. But, Sarah encouraged a safe place where we could be vulnerable. [The group] provided some good tools for reflection so that I could identify what was keeping me stuck. As a result I am letting go of some things and moving forward with less fear.


felicia, 29 I Waverly, oh

The result of my participating in this group has been astronomical. It has helped me to see I am not alone in my journey. It has given me new friends with different perspectives to learn from. Mostly, it has given me hope and that has impacted my life in wanting to live my life again–to the absolute fullest. No more bullshit!

Totally recommend this experience to other women! Sarah is an inspirational, kick ass woman who knows her stuff and she is sharing her journey as she goes along. She is raw… her journey is raw and it’s inspiring. And relatable. Something to be learned from anyone in any walk of life.

Sarah will flip your insides out and inspire you to #BeGreater! But you have to want it; you have to want to confront your inner demons and work on yourself, for yourself. Take a chance, work with Sarah–you won’t regret it!


Rebecca I Vancouver

[Before joining the group I felt…] Newly 30 and terrified of a looming life change, I knew I needed something – though I wasn’t sure what.

To be honest – and I’ve been nothing but honest – I wasn’t sure Sarah would give a shit. I wasn’t sure I would be heard in a group of people. I wasn’t sure anyone would actually care about anyone but themselves. But I was so, so wrong. Sarah is even more inspiring and amazing than she seems – and the cohort of strong, natural, resilient women were welcoming, honest, and forthright. I loved that despite the large group, I quickly fell into place with people who were feeling similar things that I was experiencing… even if we weren’t all there for exactly the same reason.

[As a result of the group I learned…] 1) That people actually care about what you’re feeling, as long as you give them a little trust and put out a little faith, 2) That so many of these teachings are, somehow very oddly, both specific AND broad – that they can apply to you regardless of where you are in your season of life. Whether about your body, your relationships, your job… you can take the core learnings and really improve (or at least become cognisant of) many areas of your life. 3) That, no matter what you’re feeling, you’re not crazy. That your feelings are valid and true… and that your thoughts matter!

YES! I would recommend this group. Because thinking about your life critically may seem like second nature and that you shouldn’t need to take time to do it. But it’s really not. A little prompt goes a long way.

Briana, 28 I Broken Arrow, OK

[Before joining the group…] I felt hesitant that I would have to acknowledge my own shortcomings and faults in front of others…

Participating in this group has changed many things in my life. First and foremost it has given me a gentle, kind, supportive sounding board, that also gives me truth.

[This group offered…] Accountability, camaraderie, support, and most importantly having a place where you can be authentically you and get supportive but honest and challenging feedback.

I would recommend this group for someone who is ready to look at their own behavior with a critical eye and analyze and really take a good, honest look at themselves, then I would say go for it.

Nataly, 37 I Ossining, NY

[Before joining the group…] I think I was generally frustrated/worn out and mostly going through the motions of my day, but could not really pin-point why.

I really liked the group calls. Again, it was my first experience with something like this. Sharing so candidly and openly, but it felt great! Sarah really fostered a sense of “grab a cup of tea, your favorite blanket and lets have some us time!”. I always felt refreshed; like I had taken a break from EVERYTHING to just focus on my Seeker Sisters and myself.

I really feel like I got some of my true joy back..not just the slap-stick, funny girl, sarcastic humor, keep a smile on my face for the camera type …but GENUINE joy, peace, and love. Sharing deep rooted things about myself that I never acknowledged before with ladies who I didn’t know but felt so comfortable with was such a blessing. The community/sisterhood that we started to grow was so beautiful to be a part of; looking forward to how it continues to evolve and getting to be a part of the growth in the lives of my fellow Seekers. To think it all started from stumbling across Sarah’s Instagram and seeing myself in her. THANK YOU SARAH!!!


Cheryl, 51 I Jacksonville, FL

It is rare to find someone so raw and honest and who is also compassionate and nurturing and still funny and relatable – Sarah is all that and more. She won’t let you hide from the hard stuff but will go there with you – holding your hand all the way if that’s what you need. Being greater isn’t a quick fix – it’s internal work and if you are ready to be cracked open -Sarah is a great guide.