Let me be your mentor and stand beside you as you Show Up for your own life!

Looking at the hard sh*t in your life isn't easy... you don't have to do it alone. Maybe you've seen my own personal journey on social media and you've wondered how I'm doing it? Maybe you have questions, want guidance, are looking for a way to be held accountable, or simply want someone to stand beside you as you grow. I've got you...

Mentoring meetings are safes spaces for YOU.  Each meeting will be totally different because each of YOU is totally different! I'm not going to solve your life for you -- but I am going to offer you feedback, guidance, potentially some (awesome) homework assignments, and show you that you are not alone in your process. 

So, what happens next?

Join me for four self-love and personal growth mentoring sessions. If your goal is to "show up" and "rise the f*ck up!" for your life, let me stand by you for the journey. We'll share a safe, nonjudgemental space for you to share your concerns, fears, and challenges. This is not therapy- this is mentoring. So we're going to ask the hard questions, pull no punches, and keep things real. Our work may include personal mantras for you, assignments to add to your daily journey, and more.

If you want to jump right into things, let's get you started.  We can work together with a bundle of meetings (which allows us to schedule as many in a specific time frame as you want) or we can set a weekly meeting time. Mentoring meetings are available in groups of four; I suggest working in blocks of three months, which gives us time to get to know each other.

If you want to test the water a bit, we schedule an Intro Hangout.  During  this 20 minute time, you'll tell me what's on your mind and we can get to know each other a bit.  

A few things to remember:

  • I am not a licensed therapist; I'm a woman going through the process herself. My feedback will be candid and (hopefully) get you to think deeply about your stuff. 
  • No process works if you aren't willing to be honest with yourself. I can stand beside you, hold your hand... but YOU are the one who has to be willing to dig deep!
  • I will ask you to be accountable for yourself; this may include journaling assignments, breathing exercises, check-ins etc.  I will never suggest you try anything I have not tried myself!

What's included?

  • Mentoring meetings are done via Zoom (video chat) and last an hour.
  • Mentorship includes a monthly membership to Rise Up With Sarah
  • In addition to our chats, mentoree's will have access to connect with Sarah by voice via the VOXER app. Messages will be returned within 24 hours during weekdays, and by Monday, if messages are left on the weekend. 


Schedule a 20-minute meeting for an initial introduction to talk about the mentoring process and ask any questions you like.  Email me at Sarah@saporacreative.com or use the Contact form here for more information on mentoring packages or to begin working together!