Let me be your mentor and stand beside you as you Show Up for your own life!

Looking at the hard sh*t in your life isn't easy... you don't have to do it alone. Maybe you've seen my own personal journey on social media and you've wondered how I'm doing it? Maybe you have questions, want guidance, are looking for a way to be held accountable, or simply want someone to stand beside you as you grow. I've got you...

Mentoring meetings are safes spaces for YOU.  Each meeting will be totally different because each of YOU is totally different! I'm not going to solve your life for you -- but I am going to offer you feedback, guidance, potentially some (awesome) homework assignments, and show you that you are not alone in your process. 

If you think working side-by-side will help you to "rise the f*ck up" in your own life, let's start with a quick call! We can hop on Skype for 20 minutes to touch base, for me to learn a little more about you. 



Some details:

Meetings are done via Skype and last an hour.