#find your greater


#find your greater


Hi, my name is Sarah. I want to change the world, one woman at a time. 

I'm a Self-Love Mentor and Wellness Advocate. My biggest passion in life is igniting positive change in women of all shapes and sizes. My goal is to “bang down the door” of the wellness industry for women of size - folks who have been told that the only way to experience personal growth is by dieting. B*llshit. 
Health and wellness starts from the inside out. Happiness is a choice we must make, while in daily pursuit of our own greatness. I live by a personal motto; what can you do to #BeGreater today? Every day that we wake up is a priceless opportunity to grow and become closer to the person that strive to be. Life is growth; growth is life.  I am on my own quest to become more balanced, stronger, healthier and joy-driven. How can I help YOU to do the same?
I believe in Kundalini yoga and strength training. I meditate and sing in the car with the windows rolled down. On any day of the week you find me seeking adventure in my worn-in cowboy boots, or breaking PR's (personal records) while strength training at the gym.  
I’m a writer and an inspirational speaker. I’m a marketer and content creator. An influencer and a storyteller. Most of all, I’m someone who wants to have a hell of a time enjoying life while in pursuit of becoming a thick, strong, feisty ninja spreading love-bombs wherever she goes. 
How can I serve you?
If you are looking to reach women with inspired and authentic content, let's connect. Looking for a speaker for your event? Let me move your crowd with my authentic message! 
Or, if you are seeking guidance or community on your own #BeGreater journey, I can support you with group coaching or one-on-one mentoring. 
Life is meant to be lived. It is beautiful, messy, and colorful. It is our job to show up, live authentically, and spread the Love in whatever way we can. 


How I Can Help

How I Can Help

Let's Get Personal. 

I'm a storyteller. A communicator. I am driven to help other women to feel empowered to live their best life.  By creating community and shedding light and love on the common fears that bind us together, I hold space for others so they can safely rip up their fears and blast past them. Here are a few ways that I can help you. 


Self-love Mentoring: groups and coaching

If you are looking for support and guidance on your own wellness and self-love journey, I can stand beside you! I offer group mentoring experiences as well as one-on-one services. We keep it real, search for the positive, and show up BIG TIME for our health and happiness from the inside out. 


brand partnerships: Influencer relationships

If you are a brand or service looking to connect with women in an authentic way, I can help! I specialize in narrative, social-media driven content solutions. With over 15 years of marketing experience, I can integrate with your marketing department to create something inspirational and effective. 


Public speaking: get inspired in person!

There are few things I love more than connecting with a group of women live. I talk about "hard stuff" with humor, grace, and heart. Topics include Finding Your Purpose and Living a #BeGreater Life, or something created just for you. My talks are honest, engaging, and thought provoking!


Rise Up With Sarah

A membership community to connect and a place to be gloriously vulnerable.

Rise Up With Sarah

A membership community to connect and a place to be gloriously vulnerable.

Hey y'all,


If you are anything like me, there's been a moment in your life when you've wished you didn't feel so alone.  Ok, for me? Hundreds and thousands of moments. Times I felt I was the only one going through stuff, the only one struggling, and the only one who wanted MORE from her life but couldn't figure out how to get there. I spent years busying myself with things, coping mechanisms that kept me from feeling so alone. I shopped. I ate. I had funky relationships... It was hard for me to sit still and just exist. And I thought I was broken, because nobody I knew was talking about this stuff. 

If there's one thing I know these days, its this simple fact - if I am feeling something, there's a really good chance other women are as well. Whether people talk about it is a different thing... but the reality is, when you strip away the paint, we're sitting in houses that are pretty similar.  If we could only cut through the bullsh*t and come together... how much more empowered and stronger could we all be?I stand, you stand... and together, we rise the f*ck up. 

My biggest passion in life (like, 2 Legit to Quit-level passion) is serving other women. My goal is to create a community of women online, and bring that online community into the real world with events, meet-ups and more. The idea is pretty simple -- let's come together and pull back the mirror on what it is really like to live a life that fuels us. 

If I had only had someone tell me I wasn't alone. If there had only been a person who had been in my shoes to say "yo, this is hard but WORTH it, and here's what I do!" If there had only been a safe place for me to experience stuff, how might I have handled things differently? How much sooner would I have allowed myself to believe that I was ENOUGH? How much earlier might I have made the leap to create my own healthier and happier life? I don't know. But, if I can help other women to have THEIR OWN moment, their own safe place, than I've done my job. 

I hope you will join me for this journey. If you have ever wanted to get a more intimate look at what my own personal process is like, this is the place for you. If you've ever longed to simply CONNECT with others who feel the same, this is the place for you. If you've ever wanted to be challenged, inspired, and supported... you've found a home. 



Q) What is Rise Up With Sarah

A) Rise Up with Sarah is my very first private Slack community with real-time discussions based on one big, awesome goal - helping women show up to live their most badass lives from the inside out. 

The community is made up of two major sections.

  • A real-time journal following me on my own wellness journey. What I’m working on, how I handle hard stuff, information about my workouts and personal growth practices, and more!
  • A discussion-based community of women who are connecting with each other to offer support, connection, in an authentic and affirming environment. No judgments! A safe place for women to come together to talk about the hard sh*t, the good stuff, and everything in between, as we support each other in living our greatest lives!

Rise Up With Sarah will use Slack as its communication platform


Q) What is Slack?

A) Slack is a real-time messaging tool that you can access directly from a (free) app on your mobile device, using the browser of your mobile, or through your computer. A team (in this case, all the women on Rise Up With Sarah) uses Slack to communicate, participate in different discussions, and connect. It’s pretty bomb! 

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, this Slack channel is entirely OURS and is not connected to ANY of your social media profiles. No ads. No popups. No algorithm. No fishing through random posts from your relatives to find the discussion  you really want -- and NO risk of your random highschool friends or family seeing what you talk about. Just us. Just community!


If you've never used Slack before, you may be weirded out by adding another channel or app? Don't be! Slack is super easy to use, and allows us direct, real-time chat to connect and come together!  There's another really cool benefit to Slack, but I'll talk more about that later...

Q) What will we talk about in Rise Up With Sarah?

Everything that we share in our private community will be based on the ideas of self-love and showing up for our own lives! By sharing ourselves with authentic vulnerability, and sharing support for OTHERS, we’ll come together in a safe space and be part of something bigger than each of us alone. 

There are two main areas to RUWS:

1. Personal Growth, Wellness, and Self-Love Discussions
“It would be SO COOL if there was a place I could go to connect with other women who are ready to SHOW UP for their own lives with badassery and self-love!”

You are right, it would be cool. So I’m creating the space for it to happen. A safe space where women can show up for their lives and for each other. No judgment. Just the sh*t that bonds us together - our shared fears and hopes and desires and the things we struggle through every day. 

Social media is great (duh, that’s how we found each other!) but it’s a limited place to share information. 
Plus, if the goal is really to TALK to each other, what we need is a place for YOU to connect with me as well as each other! That's where the magic happens, in connecting!

Topics will include


Hangout. Shoot the shit. Connect. ‘Nuff said. Regular chatter with a group of like-minded women? Sign us up!


Chatter as it relates to current stuff, like getting through the holidays and pop culture, etc. (No politics, please!)

Every quarter, we’ll share a new book together. Snag it on your own, read along and participate in the chat! 


Finding self-love and peace with our own bodies is hard sometimes. Let's support each other through the process. 


Links and lists to the products I use, things I love, and the stuff that helps me on a daily basis. Honest reviews to help inform!

This is not about enforcing diet culture, but a way to discuss how we can find a more balanced relationship to food. 


Asking the hard questions is what helps us grow the most. We’ll periodically raise new questions to help challenge us all!


A monthly challenge you can participate in. From breathing and meditation, to gratitude to walking and more!


All things fitness related from the perspective of how incorporating fitness and movement into our lives can help us SHOW UP for our bodies and our souls. 

2. Sarah’s Journey. 
“Can you tell me more about your journey? I want to know EVERYTHING!”

I hear this question all the time; y’all want to know the actual process and choices I make and the things that I do to create a happier and healthier life from the inside out. You want an inside look at my journey!

  • What am I eating
  • What am I working on
  • How do I handle challenging situations
  • What do I do for exercise
  • What are the processes and tools I use in my life

All these, and more, are questions I get asked every day. Except, it’s impossible for me to share all the info with you on Instagram and Facebook!  Self-love is a choice I actively make every day - some days are easier than others. Sometimes the stuff I work on sucks and is scary, but the ending, long-term process is something really beautiful. I also know that some people want lots of info, others aren't really interested. Rise Up With Sarah gives you the choice - if you want to check out my journal and learn directly from me, do so! If not... you can skip it. But, RUWS is the only place you can find the “daily” scoop on my wellness journey and it's the best place to really connect and ask me questions about the process.  

RUWS offers you the chance to grow alongside others by participating in group discussions on a number of topics designed to help you tap into your self-love and create your happier and healthier life. 

Note: The great thing about using Slack is that you can decide WHICH conversations you want to be part of. If you don't want to observe or see chatter about eating... Skip it! If you don't want to talk about Body Love but you are all about the fitness? Look at what you want! Unlike Facebook groups where all posts are on the table at once, Slack lets us divide our community up into threads -- which makes it easy for you to pick and choose what you want to see. Yeah!

Q) What else is included in RUWS?

A)  In addition to everything above, we’ll enjoy one group-only online meeting hangout once a month with a discussion topic and time to group chat together! Also, I'll answer YOUR questions! Each week, I'll will pick one question to address directly on  social media in a new series called “Ask Sarah Saturday.” Your questions will fuel the series! 


Q) Will I get to chat with Sarah?

A) Yes. I'll participate in the discussion on a daily basis, within reason. There may be days that my personal life will prohibit connecting, but those blockout times will be shared. Some days I may have more time, others less, but the goal is for RUWS to be a place you can interact with me and a community of like-minded women. There is no guarantee that your specific questions will be addressed every time, but I will participate in the group every day to check-in, facilitate chat and offer guidance and support. 

Q) Do I have to share? Can I hang and observe?

A) You can interact as much, or as little as you feel comfortable. The more we connect, the better. This is a chance to really find a safe space… but it’s all what makes you comfortable! Remember, anyone you “meet” here could be standing right alongside you at the next Body Love Workshop! My goal is to create community online AND offline. The people you meet here can become support and friends if you show up to support others and share YOUR journey with vulnerability. 


Q) Is RUWS therapy?

A) No. The Rise Up community is not therapy, nor a substitute for it. I 100% support and encourage women to get help when they need it -- no shame in serving yourself with some knowledge and guidance from experts! 

Q) What does it cost?

A) Membership is $10 a month and available on a recurring, subscription basis. We keep it super easy to stay connected! $10 is due at the time of enrollment; additional monthly payments of $10 are billed every 30 days. Payments are processed securely through Stripe, using your debit or credit card.

All sales are final; subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. 

Q) Why isn’t this group free? Running a group takes time and resources. Creating content takes time and resources! Just as much, we want to assure the people who participate in Rise Up With Sarah are not just “looking bystanders” but those who care about being part of a thriving community.

I will continue to share my journey on social media in the way people have come to love and appreciate; this will never change. 

 I have also stated quite honestly, that I hope to merge my passion and drive to serve other women, with things like speaking and running events, working with brands who "show up for life" mission; I hopes to write a book and continue to create community on and offline for women of every shape, size and color. Rise Up With Sarah are for those who want to go beyond social media and get more resources, community, and guidance. 


Registration is super easy! Click on the link below  to be directed to the (totally secure) checkout page that processes your payment using Stripe. Your initial payment of $10 will be processed today; additional payments will be auto-billed every 30 days. Debit or credit card is required. 

Once registration is complete, you will receive an email from Sarah with your invitation to join the RUWS Slack community! You will receive your email invite the same business day. If you register after 5 pm PST, or during a weekend, your invite will be sent by the start of the next business day. 

Click on the registration link, and create an account! It's super easy, we promise. 

*All sales are final. To cancel your membership at any time, email .


Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Wondering Where to Get Started? Right Here. 

The best things in life are free. I spend time EVERY week on social media (yes, every week) so that you can ask me questions and learn more about my wellness journey. Join me on Facebook or Instagram (or both!) for candid conversation and lots of inspirational vibes. 


Hangout: Facebook Live

Wednesday, 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 PM EST.  Log onto FB for some face time and conversation! Bring questions or show up just to hang out. 

Hangout: Instagram Live

Tuesday, 9 am PST / 12 noon EST. Fire up that phone and get ready to hang on the IG. Bring your questions or just come for the support. 


newsletter: Almost Weekly

My (almost) Weekly Newlstter comes staight to your email! It's loaded with goodies and inspirational content you won't find anywhere else. 




Coaching. Support. Accountability. Motivation. It's time to ignite change!

Big life changes call for big self-love. It's time to get honest, get real, and #BeGreater.



A safe place for women to pursue personal growth with a community of like-minded souls. 

Perfect for:

The woman who wants to belong to a judgment-free community while creating a happier and healthier life. 

Based on Sarah's own personal wellness journey, the Caravan is a weekly online hangout and discussion group. Sarah’s personal belief of “I stand, you stand, and together we rise the f*ck up!” is at the heart of this intimate experience. 

launching the love: 8 weeks of Self-love

Unstick your "stuck" with this eight-week journey to jumpstart the badass inside you. NEXT GROUP LAUNCHES 2018!


The woman who is ready to dig deep and get really REAL with the things that are holding her back. 

If you feel like you're riding in the passenger seat of your own life and want more but are too overwhelmed and scared to get there, this (lovingly safe and supporting yet ass kicking) eight weeks may be perfect for you!



Let me stand by your side and help you navigate the journey with humor and empathy. 

Perfect for: 

The woman who wants to be challenged in a supportive way to examine shit that isn't working.

It won't always be easy, but I'll make sure you know you aren't alone. I'll help you confront your own shit, tune into what you really want, and start showing up in a major way. 


the blog

the blog

Let's Hang Out for the Ride. 

I am on a journey to be healthier and happier from the inside out. My blog, SarahPlusLife, is home to the things that motivate and influence me. A mix of personal growth, self-love reflection, and plus size fashion. (Did you know I worked in the women's plus fashion biz for years?) I tell stories of life, love, body positivity and growth. I do it with humor and hope, honesty and integrity.  From lessons I've learned to workout tips, videos about my process and reviews of my favorite plus size athletic wear, it's all here!

Here's the latest from my Instagram @SarahSapora !

Are you brand or service that would like to be featured on my blog? Read more about my services here.