Self-Improvement for the “Underdogs?” Yes, please.


If you have ever felt like you are “too fat” or “too old” or “too messed up” to create change in your own life, I' got you.

Let’s get real… personal growth doesn’t have a dress size. We don’t AGE out of self-improvement. And, if you don’t relate to the culture of young, athletic, and seemingly “perfect” people personified by the wellness industry… you aren’t alone.

My name is Sarah, and I’m here to create an army of Underdogs who are ready to RISE UP and live their greatest life with changes fueled by self-love.

Who is an Underdog? By definition, it’s the competitor people think has no chance of winning. More plainly put? It’s the person others write off. The one who get’s dismissed. They one who feels like they don’t belong, like they live on the outside looking in.

The one who “society” believes is to0 heavy, to old, or too “broken” to live a badass life.

I call bullsh*t.

Let’s start with a fact: the ability to create

I'm a Self-Love Mentor and Wellness Advocate. My biggest passion in life is igniting positive change in women of all shapes and sizes. My goal is to “bang down the door” of the wellness industry for women of size - folks who have been told that the only way to experience personal growth is by dieting. B*llshit. 
Health and wellness starts from the inside out. Happiness is a choice we must make, while in daily pursuit of our own greatness. I live by a personal motto; what can you do to Rise the F*ck Up in your life today? Every day that we wake up is a priceless opportunity to grow and become closer to the person that strive to be. Life is growth; growth is life.  I am on my own quest to become more balanced, stronger, healthier and joy-driven. How can I help YOU to do the same?


67% of women in the United States wear a size 16 or over. 49% are ages 38 and up. And these groups are nearly invisible within the wellness and personal growth communities.

I believe in Kundalini yoga and strength training. I meditate and sing in the car with the windows rolled down. On any day of the week you find me seeking adventure in my worn-in cowboy boots, or breaking PR's (personal records) while strength training at the gym.  
I’m a writer and an inspirational speaker. I’m a marketer and content creator. An influencer and a storyteller. Most of all, I’m someone who wants to have a hell of a time enjoying life while in pursuit of becoming a thick, strong, feisty ninja spreading love-bombs wherever she goes. 

How can I serve you?
If you are looking to reach women with inspired and authentic content, let's connect. Looking for a speaker for your event? Let me move your crowd with my authentic message! 
Or, if you are seeking guidance or community on your own wellness journey, I can support you with group coaching or one-on-one mentoring. 
Life is meant to be lived. It is beautiful, messy, and colorful. It is our job to show up, live authentically, and spread the Love in whatever way we can. 


We call it the Woof Pack.

Squad. Peeps. You can call it whatever you want. Around here? We call it the Woof Pack. Yup. You read that right. Woof. Like barking. Like a whole pack of bada*s barking underdogs ready to RISE THE FCK up and live a greater life.

If Romy and Michelle were your peeps.. If you slow-clapped for Rudy, or you cry when Rocky runs steps.. If you recite the words to A League of Their Own or if Silver Linings Playbook is a romance that just “gets you”… If you identify with the Bee Girl in that Blind Melon video, running through city in her dorky bee costume looking for people to dance with her… Welcome to your community.

We get there together. We pull each other up when one of us falls. We offer support when it hurts and share the joy when things are great. #WoofPack
Ps. Tag your pics. Let us find you! Join the conversation. xo