Are you ready for more self-love in your life?

So, you want more self-love in your life? You want to feel happier and more directed to do the things in life that bring you joy? You want to remove the stuff that brings you down and break some nasty old habits and be a little more nice to yourself because, let’s face it, you’re pretty awesome and it’s TIME you FELT awesome!
I feel you.

 Oh, wait, but hold on. You want to do all of that WITHOUT diet culture? You want to connect with women of ALL sizes and shapes and colors and ages who want to feel greater in their life as well? You want to be part of something that is size-friendly, where your fears about your body are safe?
I feel you.


Cultivating self-love isn’t easy but it’s the greatest work you’ll ever do. You know you want more in your life, but you’re not sure how to get there. And it’s super hard to do that when you feel like you are alone, or when everything out there tells you that the only way to being happy is to jump on a scale.

And… you also really dig Me and my message? You like my no bullsh*t approach to self-love and you want to learn more DIRECTLY from me?
Yesssss, baby! You’ve come to the right place.

So, let’s give you some structure! A place to inspire you to think. A safe place to land to explore your fears and what’s holding you back. A place to rise up.

Rise Up With Sarah is my personal membership community where I’ll share lessons directly from my own journey to help guide you in your own. You’ll get exclusive content you can’t find anywhere else, and the ability to snag real-time “face time” with me and your peers who are ALSO working to create change.

Every month you’ll get:

An exclusive podcast that explores a topic for your self-love journey. It includes a monthly challenge to guide you! Topics have included “Cultivating Self-Compassion,” “Silencing You Inner Critique,” and the well-loved “21-Day Gratitude Challenge.”

Downloadable worksheets that you can hang onto or print out. These worksheets are designed to guide you through the monthly topic and provide takeaways and “to do’s” to help you create change.

Two group video hangouts every month. Twice a month members of the group gather for a formal hangout where we explore the self-love challenge for the month. It gets personal and real!


Access to our private chat community. Join us on Facebook for our private community!

But wait… there’s more! As a member of RUWS you also get:

First dibs access to buy tickets to any of Sarah’s events and exclusive discounts! Seriously. Members are able to snag seats first to any of Sarah’s workshops or retreats AND get the biggest ticket discount offered to anyone!


A private meetup at Sarah’s biggest workshop. If you’re attending the Body + Love Workshop, RUWS always get a private group hangout with Sarah that isn’t open to the public.

Weekly exclusive {Sunday Love} sent directly to your email. Every Sunday I’ll send an email exploring something personal. A teaching, a lesson, a reminder to help inspire you and get you thinking.




Q) I’m not sure how much time I have each month, is that ok?
A) Sure! There is NO right way to be part of this community. You can…
Be in it to win it. Listen to your podcasts, download your sheets, do all the challenges, chime in the community, and join us for video hangouts!
Come and go when you can. As long as you are a member of RUWS you’ll have access to all the podcasts and worksheets. Listen when you want, participate when you want. No pressure at all!
Set it and forget it. Save them for a rainy day or when you feel stuck. We’re happy to be here when you need us! Keep your status as an active member and you can join in however much (or little) you want.

Remember, as long as you remain an active member, all the materials and group perks are yours.o Yu can interact as much, or as little as you feel comfortable. The more we connect, the better. This is a chance to really find a safe space… but it’s all what makes you comfortable! Anyone you “meet” here could be standing right alongside you at the next Body Love Workshop! The people you meet here can become support and friends if you show up to support others and share YOUR journey with vulnerability. 

 Q) Is Rise Up With Sarah therapy?
A) No. The guidance you’ll get is not a replacement for therapy. It is a chance for you to learn directly from someone who is also going through their own self-love journey.

Q) Will I get to chat with Sarah?
A) Yes! I chime in on our chat community and, of course, lead both our video hangouts.

Q What does it cost?
A)Membership is $19.99 a month and available on subscription basis. We keep it super easy to stay connected! $19.99 is due at the time of enrollment; additional monthly payments of $19.99 are billed every 30 days. Payments are processed securely through Stripe, using your debit or credit card.All sales are final,


Remember your membership includes:

An exclusive podcast that explores a topic for your self-love journey.

Downloadable worksheets that you can hang onto or print out.  

Two group video hangouts every month.

Access to our private community on Facebook.  

Weekly exclusive {Sunday Love} sent directly to your email.

First dibs access to buy tickets to any of Sarah’s events and exclusive discounts! Seriously. Members are

A private meetup at Sarah’s biggest workshop of the year, the Body + Love Workshop.

All for $19.99 a month!


How Registration Works
Registration is super easy! Doors to Rise Up With Sarah open once a month, at the start of every month. Your account will be auto-billed every month. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email from Sarah with your invitation to join the RUWS Slack community! You will receive your email invite within 24 hours during a business day. If you register after 5 pm PST, or during a weekend, your invite will be sent by the start of the next business day. -

*All sales are final. To cancel your membership at any time, email