LIFELOVE is a weekend-long immersive experience designed to help women of EVERY size push through shame, fear, and limiting beliefs to show up as their most empowered self. Body positive and size-friendly, LIFELOVE is about two big things: owning your own self-worth and the community we create by rising up TOGETHER. We’ll use Kundalini yoga, meditation and a sound bath, expert teachers and speakers as well as small-group discussion work to help you unleash your self-love and tap into your most empowered self. Our 2019 theme is “Let go to let love!” This year we dig into what it takes to identify things in life that keep us stuck, how to surrender and let go of them, and what it takes to create legit change from the inside out.


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Several airports are accessible to the NY-area including JFK International Airport and LaGuardia International Airport. NYC is also train and car accessible. The venue is not subway-friendly; we suggest taking a ride share (like Lyft or Uber) or catching the NY Ferry on the South Brooklyn line. There is street parking available in the neighborhood.


Have a question? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get. If you still need assistance, email us at TeamSarah@DevelopedNarrative.com.


Didn’t you run an event called the Body + Love Workshop? +

Yes. Same event, new name. (Grin)

Where does LIFELOVE take place? +

LIFELOVE is taking place this year at The Hamilton. 120 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

How much does LIFELOVE cost? +

Tickets for LIFELOVE range from $399 to $1,000. We have a limited number of need-based scholarships available. More information about this will be shared soon.

Who is LIFELOVE right for? +

If you want to know yourself better and love yourself more, LIFELOVE is for you. If you want to connect to yourself and learn HOW to create real change in your life, you’ll fit right in. If you are on a body journey or find yourself wanting MORE from life, you’ve found a home. LIFELOVE is for persons of EVERY age and size and shape.

Where is LIFELOVE? +

Our event will take place in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn in a very cool converted, industrial-style warehouse space. Red Hook is considered “south” Brooklyn. Many people who think of New York City think of Manhattan; Brooklyn is another borough in NYC, as is Manhattan. If you decide to stay in Lower Manhattan (like the Wall Street area) we suggest taking the ferry. (See below) If you decide to stay in Brooklyn, we suggest taking a rideshare like Lyft or Uber.

Where should I stay for LIFELOVE? +

Stay where your budget best fits! We have a small room block at a Brooklyn hotel; that being said, you may wish to find more cost-effective accommodations.

You should not plan to walk to the event – however if you are staying in Manhattan (NYC) you may take the NY Ferry on the South Brooklyn route stopping at Red Hook. It is a half-mile work from the ferry to the venue; the ferry is very pleasant and climate control and safe! Learn more about the Ferry on their website: https://www.ferry.nyc/routes-and-schedules/route/south-brooklyn/

Can I make a flight home on Sunday? +

LIFELOVE wraps by 5 pm on Sunday. We suggest finding a flight after 8 or 9 pm to assure adequate travel time to the airport.

Is there parking? +

There is parking on the street in the neighborhood around the event space. We suggest taking a ride share like Lyft or Uber. We do NOT suggest walking to the venue from your hotel.

Is seating assigned? +

No. Seating is open.

What should I wear to LIFELOVE? +

BE COMFORTABLE! Be comfy and dress in layers. We suggest wearing leggings or some kind of athletic/athleisurewear for Saturday to be comfortable for Kundalini class. If you plan on being part of Sunday Meditation, we suggest the same. Bring a sweater or sweatshirt and be prepared with layers.

I bought a ticket but I can’t come – what do I do? +

Unfortunately, your ticket is non-refundable. You can, however, transfer the ticket to another person. Email TeamSarah@DevelopedNarrative.com to transfer your ticket. Learn more about our policy here.

I’m looking for a roomie to split costs. Can you help? +

The best thing to do is connect with Sarah’s community on Facebook. The event page will be a great place to share roomie requests! https://www.facebook.com/SarahPlusLife

Is the venue handicapped accessible? +

Yes! There are no stairs inside or outside the venue. There is a handicapped accessible bathroom.

I am nervous around new people. Will I be ok? +

We take every effort to assure you are comfortable. We will have a "low sensory" space and a counselor on-site for any who need it.

What do you mean when you say that LIFELOVE is “size-inclusive?” +

It means that we take every effort to make sure that persons of every size feel safe and comfortable. For example, the chairs we use are armless and sturdy; we will offer floor seating as well for those who are more comfortable camped out in the floor.

You’ll never feel pressure to do something that makes you physically uncomfortable, especially in Kundalini class. Join in. Be part of the group. Breathe. That is all we ask for!

Are men welcome at LIFELOVE? +

The workshop is open to persons of every sexual identity. We do anticipate the audience will be mostly female identifying. Some of our staff are male. All attendees must adhere to a code of conduct regardless of sexual orientation. Click here to read more: http://www.sarahsapora.com/event-misc

What if I can only stay for part of the event? +

LIFELOVE is best experienced in its entirety, from start to finish. If you have to sneak out early, we totally get it. We'll still totally miss you, though.

I don't want to go on a diet... I see that Sarah has lost weight - is she selling me a diet plan? +

No! Sarah has lost weight because she needed to do so for her health and mobility. This event does not push "diet culture" as a means to creating happiness. Instead, it will encourage you to find out what a greater life means to you! The workshop shares the tools that Sarah has used to create her greater life, focusing on changes fueled by self-love.

WTF is Kundalini? I Googled it and that sh*t looks weird! +

Kundalini yoga is awesome! No, really. Kundalini yoga, known as the "Mother yoga" is a form of yoga that combines meditation, breathing, and movement. It is VERY body-friendly! We totally understand that something new, like Kundalini, can be intimidating. Keep an open mind and heart and dive in! Yoga Journal describes Kundalini as "An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning 'truth is my identity.' The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness."


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By purchasing a ticket to LIFELOVE, every attendee agrees to adhere to the event code of conduct, refund policy, and liability policy.
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