Photo by myah jones

Photo by myah jones

I want you to be empowered to create your most bada*s life from the inside out fueled by self-love. No matter how scared you are, no matter how much you weigh or how old you are or however you feel you “messed up” in the past. You are here today and that means you can do SOMETHING to create change.



The Size-Inclusive Face of self-Improvement


In April of 2016, at the age of 37, I weighed around 360 lbs. That’s probably a number must of you can’t understand, so I’ll put it this way - I was in pain all the time. My body hurt; I searched for chairs to sit when I walked into every room, and my left knee would buckle out from under me.(Made shopping at Target a real blast…) I woke up tired, and I went to be tired. And I had started to say “no” to doing things I wanted to because I knew my body wouldn’t cooperate.

But more than that? I felt like my life was passing me by. Like everyone was alive and I was just watching. Everyone around me was getting married and having kids, going on vacations and laughing, and I felt like I was stuck. In the sidelines. Watching the years go by.

I was DONE with it. I was ready for change. My inner control freak was screaming (“What? Begin something without knowing how it’s going to end? EFF THAT!”) but I needed more from my life. The pain of staying where I was became greater than the fear of what would happen if I did something different.

I was desperate for inspiration. Someone, like me, who was a bit older and heavier, who was tired of diet bullsh*t and who just wanted to FEEL ALIVE.

How do you even begin to do something different in life, when you are so stuck believing this is all there will ever be? This is all you will ever feel?

I needed someone who would reassure me I wasn’t broken. Or alone. Someone to tell me it was possible to get healthier (and reduce the size of my body) without spinning on the “Diet Culture Wheel of Shame.” But there was nobody out there. So I became the person I needed to see, and decided I would share MY journey.

Stats tell us that up to 50% of women are on a diet at any given time and, like those women, I had tried to lose weight a bunch of times in my life. It never stuck. So this time I decided to do things differently. I made myself one promise - to be happier and healthier when I turned 40, than I was when I had turned 30.

I quickly realized that the work I needed to do went FAR beyond any number on a scale. This was about learning how live a healthier life from the INSIDE out. My focus would have to be on learning how to find wholeness in my mind, body, and soul

Since then, I’ve changed the entire trajectory of my life, and placed my commitment to my Greater Self at the top of my list!

 To do this, I use a bunch of tools like,

  • Fitness and Strength Training,

  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation,

  • Nutrition and Food, but most importantly…

  • A MASSIVE amount of Soul-Archeology, deep work, and the willingness to “embrace the suck” and look some really hard stuff directly in the eye.

Now, nearing the third year of this my process, and having turned 40 along the way, there are a few things I can say for sure:



  1. The desire to self-improve belongs to EVERY body. (We are never too old, too heavy, or too “broken” to create a life that brings us joy from the inside out.)

  2. The wellness and personal growth industry does a bad job at being inclusive. Let’s fix that. Together. Seriously. I mean it.

  3. The only way to create LONG LASTING change in your life is to be driven by self-love. Nothing else will work. You may find a short-term “fix” but digging deep and walking through your own hard sh*t will be the only way to truly change your life.


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